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Machine Length Stretch Film

Hi-Tech Plastics, Inc. manufactures machine length stretch films designed to provide savings in productivity and material usage. We produce machine stretch films in a wide variety of gauges, widths and lengths. These products are available in 1 and 2 sided cling, designed for a variety of applications featuring excellent puncture with high clarity and quiet unwind. Need a custom size? No problem! We can manufacture custom sizes up to 80”.

Standard Machine Film

  • 20″ 40 rolls/pallet
  • 30″ 20 rolls/pallet
  • 50-200 gauge
  • Clear, Color, Additives

High Performance Machine Film

  • Metric: 19.5″-50cm 40 rolls/pallet
  • High-performance/ One Side Cling (osc)
  • 55, 65, 75 gauge
  • Clear, Color, Additives
  • Custom available

Hi-Tech Plastics, Inc. offers other various forms of wrap for different applications including:

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