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Banding & Extended Core Stretch Film

Hi Tech Plastics, Inc. converts banding and extended core stretch film that is a high-quality film with excellent cohesion. It’s a superior cost effective alternative to strapping tape and twine.  Our cast extruded banding stretch film is wound on a 3” core and has one plastic dispensing handle/case. Use plastic banding wrap to bundle multiple boxes or a whole pallet full of shipping items. 5” and 20” extended core products come on a 1”disposable core handle which simplifies stretch wrapping while saving money. These products are the ideal choice for users with infrequent stretch wrapping requirements. It is perfect for stretch wrapping small packages, bundling multiple boxes, or wrapping a pallet full of shipping items.

3” and 5” Banding and 5” and 20” Extended Core on a 1” Disposable Core

  • 3″ 18 rolls/case 48 cases/pallet
  • 5″ 12 rolls/case 48 cases/pallet
  • 20” 4 rolls/case 48 cases/pallet
  • 50-200 gauge
  • Colors and UVI available
  • Custom sizes available

Hi-Tech Plastics, Inc. offers other various forms of wrap for different applications including:

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